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Upon registration you will receive access to the course with all eleven (11) scheduled LIVE sessions!

LIVE, Interactive Zoom Calls focused on YOUR Business

I'll start each month's session by addressing questions submitted by you and other Wellness Advocates, whether it's about how we can take this product we love and sell RESULTS consistently and authentically -- or any other question about growing your business.

...Addressing Critical Topics

What if you could address sales challenges immediately? Now you can! Judging from the questions I've already been getting, I anticipate covering a variety of critical topics such as:

  • How to connect people's Daily Objectives to MetaPWR?

  • How to handle cynical reactions from others?

  • How to ask questions that lead to a smooth MetaPWR introduction?

  • How to avoid the "fire hose" approach when talking about MetaPWR?

  • How to provide personal testimonials without sounding "salesy"?