3 Key Principles & 7 Core Skills that will FUNDAMENTALLY change the way you approach selling

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This Program Will Be a Game Changer For You

Learn to become your company's most skilled and principled salesperson

Do you feel unable to reach your potential as a salesperson? Have years of training in product and sales techniques only made a modest difference? For 25+ years, our proven sales training has turned underdogs into champions and rookies into industry leaders. When you follow our principle-based selling system, you will gain clarity and confidence in your sales job like never before. Sales becomes easier and a lot more fun. You'll help your clients through the sales process instead of fighting to close a deal. When you do that, you will hit your goals with greater consistency, achieve more recognition internally, earn a higher income, and know what it’s like to truly be a salesperson people love.

After the Masterclass, You'll Be Able to...

  • Utilize the most intuitive sales approach ever devised

  • Make more sales and earn more commissions

  • Approach ANY prospect with breakthrough confidence

  • Get sales faster by showing leadership buyers want

  • Gain clients’ trust by exhibiting authoritative humility

  • Appeal to all kinds of customers in any market

  • Cut your sales cycle in half using a proven system

  • Close your sales by helping prospects get what they really want

  • And a whole lot more...!

What Clients Are Saying

Stephen M.R. Covey

The New York Times & #1 Wall Street Journal bestselling author of "The Speed of Trust" and co-author of "Smart Trust"

“Rob Cornilles is a remarkable person, leader and contributor! His track record of delivering quality results inspires confidence, and how he goes about achieving those results inspires trust. I greatly admire and value Rob and his insights.”
Stephen M.R. Covey

Mike Keiser

Owner, Bandon Dunes Golf Resort and Cabot Links Golf Resort; voted #1 golf developer in the world

“In my business, it’s imperative that I find people whose competence and integrity I trust. I have found Rob Cornilles to be such a person. In past years we worked together on a very challenging yet potentially significant project. Throughout, he demonstrated an ability to understand the complexities, exhibit creative dexterity, and move towards transformative solutions.”
Mike Keiser

Jessica Rentel

Director of Partner Sales, Abstrakt Marketing Group

“I was a bit apprehensive when we first began partnering with Game Face because I wasn’t sure how it was going to impact our well-established process. But Rob brought something new and fresh to the table that we hadn’t had before. He trains everyone from our new hires to our management team and there’s always something new to learn each time he visits!”
Jessica Rentel

Dan Farrell

SVP, Sales & Marketing, St. Louis Cardinals

“There’s no debate. Game Face is the best. Period! The Cardinals brand is too important for us to take a chance on techniques that we can’t feel good about. We have to be properly represented in our industry. We only trust Game Face to teach our people how to sell, and encourage any of our colleagues in sport to do the same.”
Dan Farrell

Put On Your Game Face and Join the Masterclass

Proven Sales System

Learn a more intuitive, powerful way of selling in our 10-week Masterclass

  • 3 Principles of Sales

    The 3 Principles are the foundation of Game Face’s entire sales methodology. Since techniques without principles are just tricks, Rob will teach you a refreshing new approach to customer relationships. Using the 3 Principles, you and your clients will feel and see a difference in all future interactions.

  • 7 Skills to a Successful Sale

    There are 7 Skills all sales professionals must master. These important skills cover the sales cycle from prospecting to closing the deal to gaining repeat business. The Skills work together with the 3 Principles to make each step of the sales process faster and easier.

Put On Your Game Face and Join the Masterclass

Why Game Face

  • 50,000+ sales executives trained

  • Trusted by 400+ organizations

  • 10+ hours of in-depth sales training

  • Revolutionized sales training in multiple industries

Your Sales Coach

The Original Sales Game-Changer

Rob Cornilles

Rob is the most prolific sales trainer in the sports industry and a trusted advisor to an increasing number of industries worldwide. Rob is the Founder & CEO of Game Face, Inc., an international sales & service executive training firm, the author of the international best-selling book "The Sales Game Changer: How to Become the Salesperson People Love," and the host of the Game Face Execs Podcast. He has trained over 50,000 diverse sales executives and leaders in media, tech, manufacturing, retail, professional and financial services, hospitality, sports & entertainment, and education. He serves as an adjunct professor at the Marriott School of Business at Brigham Young University and is a guest instructor at Maryville University. His approach has been featured in The Wall Street Journal, LA Times, Sports Business Journal, and many other publications. He has been a featured guest on FOX News, and numerous local television and radio programs and podcasts throughout the world.

Put On Your Game Face and Join the Masterclass

The Best of Game Face

For a Fraction of the Cost

Every week for 10 weeks, you will receive access to game-changing sales training. Companies pay $40,000 - $100,000 for this training. You’ll pay a fraction of that, only $1997 for lifetime access to the full Masterclass. Plus you'll get some amazing Bonuses. This is the first time Game Face is making this material available in this way. The Masterclass is truly a Game-Changer.

Masterclass Content

10 Weeks of Proven, High-Impact Sales Principles and Skills

  • 1

    Sales Redefined

    • Welcome to the Masterclass!

    • 5 Keys to Success

    • Navigating the Masterclass

    • What is Sales?

    • Sales in Culture

    • The True Meaning of Sales

    • From Backboards to Boardrooms: The Background of Principled Selling

    • QUIZ | Sales Redefined

    • ANSWER KEY | Sales Redefined

  • 2

    Masterclass Bonuses & ALL WEEKLY SALES HUDDLES

    • IMPORTANT: How to Get Your Bonuses

    • COMPLETE THIS to get all your bonuses

    • WEEK 1 | Sales Huddle DEC 15, 2021 4:00 pm MST

    • WEEK 2 | Sales Huddle DEC 29, 2021 4:00 pm MST

  • 3

    Principle 1: Results-Centered Selling

    • The 3 Principles of Sales

    • Key Daily Objectives | Part 1

    • Key Daily Objectives | Part 2

    • Results Centered Selling

    • The Danger of Product Centric Selling

    • Results Centered Selling Review

    • ASSIGNMENT | Key Daily Objectives

    • QUIZ | Principle 1: Result-Centered Selling

    • ANSWER KEY | Principle 1: Result-Centered Selling

  • 4

    Principle 2: To Be Successful, Act Successful

    • Professional Selling and Professional Speaking

    • The Psychology of First Impressions

    • To Be Successful, Act Successful

    • How to Sound Successful

    • QUIZ | Principle 2: To Be Successful, Act Successful

    • ANSWER KEY | Principle 2: To Be Successful, Act Successful

  • 5

    Principle 3: Create Urgency

    • The Right Way to Look At Urgency

    • Trail Blazers Story: How Urgency Helped Game Face | Part 1

    • Trail Blazers Story: How Urgency Helped Game Face | Part 2

    • Limited Inventory

    • Limited Time: The Use of Deadlines

    • High Demand for Your Product and You

    • 3 Principles Review

    • QUIZ | Principle 3: Create Urgency

    • ANSWER KEY | Principle 3: Create Urgency

  • 6

    Skill 1: Building Trust

    • The 7 Skills of a Successful Sale

    • Gaining Entry to the Castle | Part 1 (Names)

    • Gaining Entry to the Castle | Part 2 (Your Organization)

    • Gaining Entry to the Castle | Part 3 (Credibility Statements)

    • Gaining Entry to the Castle | Part 4 (Benefit Statement)

    • Skill 1 Summary

    • Components of an Effective Benefit Statements

    • Words Matter

    • How to Personalize Every Interaction

    • Skill 1.5: Transitioning to Skill 2

    • ASSIGNMENT | Practicing Skill 1

    • QUIZ | Skill 1: Building Trust

    • ANSWER KEY | Skill 1: Building Trust

  • 7

    Skill 2: Assessing & Tailoring

    • The 4 Corners of Assessment

    • Relevant Topics

    • Using the 7 W’s

    • 5 Magical Phrases

    • Skill 2 Summary

    • Skill 2 Done Wrong

    • ASSIGNMENT | Practicing Skill 2

    • QUIZ | Skill 2: Assessing & Tailoring

    • ANSWER KEY | Skill 2: Assessing & Tailoring

  • 8

    Skill 3: Presenting

    • Skill 2.5: Transitioning to Skill 3

    • What Prospects Need to Say Yes

    • QUIZ | Skill 3: Presenting

    • ANSWER KEY | Skill 3: Presenting

  • 9

    Skill 4: Listening & Solving

    • 5 Ways of Listening

    • Empathic Listening

    • False Concerns Vs. True Concerns

    • A New Way to View Objections

    • Addressing and Solving Concerns

    • Skill 4 Summary

    • ASSIGNMENT | Listening and Solving Activity

    • QUIZ | Skill 4: Listening & Solving

    • ANSWER KEY | Skill 4: Listening & Solving

  • 10

    Skill 5: Opening the Sale

    • Closing is Opening

    • The Best "Close" Line

    • Follow-Up to Fortune

    • What "No" Really Means

    • QUIZ | Skill 5: Opening the Sale

    • ANSWER KEY | Skill 5: Opening the Sale

  • 11

    Skill 6: Connecting Through Referrals

    • The Law of Reciprocity

    • How To Obtain Instant Referrals

    • Words that Produce Referrals

    • QUIZ | Skill 6: Connecting Through Referrals

    • ANSWER KEY | Skill 6: Connecting Through Referrals

  • 12

    Skill 7: Winning Repeat Business

    • The Secret to Keeping Your Best Clients

  • 13

    Conclusion: On Your Mark, Get Set, Sell! (Coming Soon)

    • Video Lessons Coming Soon

Masterclass Certificate

Certified Game-Changer

When you complete the Masterclass you will become a "Certified Game-Changer". Share this on your LinkedIn or resume to demonstrate your professionalism, expertise in valuable sales skills, and commitment to continued learning.
Game Face Academy Certificate

30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

We are confident you will receive 10x the value of what you invest in this Masterclass. However, if for some reason you are unable to get value from the Masterclass, let us know within the first 30 days and we'll gladly refund the full cost of the Masterclass minus a $100 cancellation fee. Just email support@gamefaceinc.com and request your refund.
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Free Masterclass Bonuses

$3,000+ Worth of Additional Sales Assists

  • 10 Weeks of Group Coaching ($2,600 VALUE)

    Meet weekly with Rob during the 10 week Masterclass. Ask questions and network with other sales professionals. You'll also receive the call recordings inside your dashboard.

  • One-on-One Coaching Call ($500 VALUE)

    Get a personalized coaching call with the Original Sales Game-Changer himself. You'll have the chance to work with Rob through any sales or career related topic.

  • Get the Book + Book Bonuses ($50 VALUE)

    Receive a premium signed copy of Rob's best-selling book, "The Sales Game Changer: How to Become the Salesperson People Love," plus additional training videos for each chapter. We'll mail you a hardcover copy after you complete the survey at the end of the first week.

Free Bonus

Rob's Bestselling Book

When you enroll in the Masterclass, you will receive a signed premium copy of the international bestseller "The Sales Game Changer: How to Become the Salesperson People Love".

What You Get

  • 10-Week Sales Game Changer Masterclass ($20,000+ VALUE)

  • Lifetime Access to Recordings (PRICELESS)

  • Certificate upon Masterclass Completion ($5,000 VALUE)

  • 10 Weeks of Group Coaching ($2,600 VALUE)

  • One-on-One Coaching Call ($500 VALUE)

  • Sales Game Changer Book + Bonuses ($50 VALUE)

  • TOTAL VALUE: $28,150+

Price Options

Total Value: $28,150+

Group Rates

Want the the Sales Game Changer Masterclass for your entire sales team or organization? We'll work with you on a custom plan and group rate. Email us at support@gamefaceinc.com with details about your team and we'll be in touch soon.

Put On Your Game Face and Join the Masterclass

What Clients Are Saying

We’re not as great as they make us sound. But we ain’t bad either.

Amanda Verhoffen

President, Association of Luxury Suite Directors

“Rob Cornilles is the true pioneer of sports sales training. ALSD, which produces some of the preeminent annual conferences and tradeshows with vast education, is proud to continue to use Rob and his firm to present, moderate, and facilitate workshops and training sessions each year. His level of expertise and adaptability to the ever-changing sports sales and hospitality marketplace makes him one of our most popular speakers and is another reason we rely on Rob and Game Face.”
Amanda Verhoffen

Brian Lesser

Owner, CIT Electronics

“I have utilized Rob’s extensive background in sales and client management both personally early on in my career, and then later on as a business owner with a dedicated sales force. Rob is engaging and insightful and our time together is fruitful. Those that he trains and develops are better off and will gain from decades of his leadership in the space.”
Brian Lesser

Lee McNeil

Senior Manager, Business Development, VitalSmarts

“Game Face training was the best training my team has ever participated in. Since the training, our scripts, call guides and discovery questions have improved dramatically, and we are seeing better results from our interactions with prospects and clients. I really appreciated the course design and quality of the delivery—it is not your typical sales training!“
Lee McNeil

Dr. Jason M. Williams

Assistant Dean / Director, Rawlings Sports Business Management Program

“In our Rawlings Sport Business Management Program at Maryville University, we permit only the best sport business industry practitioners to teach our students. We selected Rob Cornilles, and hundreds of students and dozens of successful placements later, there’s no doubt we made the right choice. Rob is a true partner and plays an integral role in our program’s success.”
Dr. Jason M. Williams

John Knebel

Former Executive President, Corporate Partnerships & Premium Seating, Arizona Coyotes Hockey Club

“The country is full of companies that offer sales training, but we selected Game Face because Rob understands the unique challenges associated with selling a sports property and his training is aligned with our consultative approach. He brings solutions to real world challenges and relates beautifully to our sales team. The training has been so successful that we are expanding our relationship far beyond what we originally envisioned.”
John Knebel

Matt Lane

Sr. Director of Tournament Revenue, PGA TOUR

“Rob’s style and approach fits so well with our philosophy and the way the PGA TOUR wants to serve our clients and prospects. The specific tools he presented at our national meeting help us connect with our customers, bring those customers to see the value in the solutions we provide, and execute in a way that guarantees long-term relationships. Our event was stronger because of Rob’s very popular – and still talked-about – presentation!“

Hunter Goodall

“Game Face training has been vitally important to my skill development and confidence in sales. The content is fantastic as well as engaging. The training methodology goes through 7 modules of the sales cycle covering details such as word choice and phrase mechanics for effective scripts that are natural. One of our senior reps told me, ‘You don’t even realize what you just sat through. I’ve been in a lot of sales trainings, but that was gold!’ This training will enhance the skills and abilities of any sales rep by quantum leaps.”

Josh Leder

Founder & CEO, SoundPain Alliance; Owner, Sports Clips

“I am where I am today because of Rob and Game Face. The training was the most impactful of my career. The foundational skills of communication, sales, leadership and negotiation were all taught and exactly what I needed to launch two businesses. Our successes have been possible because of what we learned from Rob and his team.”
Josh Leder

Kelly Swan

Owner & Principal Architect, Kelly Swan Architecture

“Working with Rob has been very beneficial. Our firm implements his sales principles on a weekly if not daily basis. It has been wonderful getting a stronger foundation in sales and marketing from someone who cares as much about the success of our clientele as we do!”
Kelly Swain

Put On Your Game Face and Join the Masterclass

Video Testimonials

Watch Intro Video

Todd Blickenstaff

Media Sales Consultant

Watch Intro Video

Greg Rose

CMO, Suja Organic

Watch Intro Video

Matt Jarvis

Business Development Manager, BYU Athletics


  • When does the Masterclass start?

    As soon as you purchase The Sales Game Changer Masterclass, you will receive access to the first module. You will receive notice of when the rest of the Masterclass begins, usually within 1-2 weeks. Once the Masterclass begins, you will receive access to one module per week for 10 weeks, there are 12 modules total. On two weeks you will receive two shorter modules instead of one.

  • Where can I access the weekly Zoom calls?

    The Zoom calls as well as the recordings are hosted inside the Masterclass. Look for the lessons as they are posted each week. We will also email you details about the weekly calls and how to access them. If you have questions email support@gamefaceinc.com.

  • Is there a money-back guarantee?

    Of course. There is a 30-day money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied within the first 30 days of the Masterclass. Please email us at support@gamefaceinc.com and we'll refund your payment.

  • How do I contact you?

    Email support@gamefaceinc.com and we'll be in touch!

Put On Your Game Face and Join the Masterclass